Our Journey
from a dream to reality

With a dream of upscaling the bubble tea trend level up in downtown Copenhagen. Tea:licious Café, opened it's doors at the beginning of May 2016.

Equipped with hands-on certified training in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Shai and Chay started to enhance their menu from the classical Pearl Milk Tea, lattes and fruit teas, and added their own premium blends.

Denmark ranks among the top ten coffee drinking nations with an average Dane consuming 1.46 cups of coffee per day.


It is a challenge to break the chain of habits, but when bubble tea attracts a lot of the younger generation, we saw that as an opportunity, to create a new wave of awareness, which could trigger the change in the future, and eventually, enlighten the idea into their mindsets and add a longing in their taste buds.

We want to offer the consumers a homey and cosy atmosphere, where they can enjoy their drinks while hanging out with friends and loved ones.  

Quality and authenticity are major keywords in our products. Consistency in taste is very important for us to give our customers the same experience each time.

They can even customize their own drinks, with the level of sweetness, flavor combinations, match them with either popping bobas, jellies or tapioca, and create their own MASTERPIECE!


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